Asesoría Mera


Seniars Who of you is Judas (CH) Seniars the Gentleman Siam de Cans Juansa
Ngorong Ngorong In a Gadda da Vida
Lia de Cans Juansa Osorio de Cans Juansa, (CH.)
Ch. Bamba de Cans Juansa
Missnar's Share Me Missnar's Follow Me Roadhouse's Life of the Party (CH)
Missnar's I'm Lovin'it
Missnar's screens hot NW West River & Maria Sentinel
Missnar's Chunky Monkey



X Seniars Who of you is Judas (CH) X Missnar's Share Me
[+INFO] Club Español del American Staffordshire Terrier
Apdo. Correos 55006
28080 Madrid